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The Internet Myth Busters site was created to dispel the commonly held beliefs about starting an Online businesses that are costing people thousands of dollars!
There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation about making money Online but at you get the cold hard facts.  You will be less intimidated and feel more prepared to start making money Online..

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The One SECRET to Making Money with Internet Marketing

In this video, Aaron discusses the one thing that Internet newbies do not understand about making money Online.  I touch on it in my post: Engaging

The thing is that the Internet is a completely different platform from the brick-and-mortar business.  With a store, people can walk in from off the street and check out the merchandise visually and physically.  They can ask the store manager questions face-to-face.

People can ask questions Online but, you must do something else to get them to plunk down their hard earned cash and that is to Gain Their Trust!

You can’t just tell people to go to your store (website) Online.  You have to build a relationship with them, first.


The video below speaks a little more on that issue regarding affiliate marketing….




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